Mas Pretel

Accommodation (11-14 persons)

Mas Pretel is a XVII-XVIII century farmhouse situated 1.5 km. from the medieval village of Calonge and 4.5 km. from Sant Antonio beach.

The farmhouse which has been renovated with very good taste offers all modern conveniences; a well equipped kitchen with washing-machine and dishwasher, WIFI, flat screen televisión with satellite and DVD.

It has a dining-room/lounge with a fireplace, five bedrooms and five bathrooms (three en-suite).

On the other hand from the top floor terrace you can contemplate some impressive views of the sea and the valley.

It has a large swimming-pool with a covered terrace and a barbecue with an oven all in stone.

There is parking available inside the property.

The farmhouse is 40 m. from Girona airport and 127 km. from Barcelona airport.

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